Advanced AVL with Motion Detection, Int. Temp Sens., OBDII-J1939-J1708, 3 Digital In, 2 Digital Out and 1 Analog in.

Functional Specifications:

Realtime Tracking, Advanced Reports, High/Low Priority Alerts, Customizable Alerts eg. Maintenance, Insurance, Inspection. Remote control

Advanced Features:

  • Internal or External GPS?GSM Antenna
  • Vibration Sensor or Driver Behavior Accelerometer, Tilt Alert.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics via CANbus, J1939, OBDII and J1708 Reports eg. RPM, Fuel Consumption, Oil pressure, Distance Travelled etc
  • Digital Inputs – Panic Button, Door Open/Close etc
  • Digital Outputs – Anti-Theft – Starter Kill – Tow Alert
  • Alarm Buzzer for OverSpeed, Idle, Tilt or Driver Behavior
  • Passive RFID/Active RFID (RFLink) – Wireless I/O’s (RF Link)
  • Driver ID – For Driver Liability, Anti-Theft or Authorized Start.
  • Internet Wi-Fi Access Point for Laptops, Tabs etc.
  • Bluetooth for Voice Comm. – Garmin interface for Dispatch and Text messaging
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • Battery level transmitted with every GPS data.
  • External Digital Temperature Sensor, 8 max.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Backup – Low battery alarm.
  • Store and Forward: Stores up to 5000 Events when out of Cell Coverage.

Base Features:

  • 3 Digital Inputs – Two Ground Sense and Two 5VDC – 32VDC Positive Sense.
  • 1 Analog Inputs – One 0-5VDC.
  • 2 Digital Outputs – One open collector 500mA.
  • Vibration Sensor – Sensitivity adjustable for automatic security theft alarm.
  • Internal Analog Temperature Sensor.
  • Internal Cellular and GPS Antenna.
  • CAN, J1939, OBDII, J1708 Interface – Over The Air Engine Diagnostics*


  • Model with 3D Accelerometer – Detects and reports extreme driving conditions such as Hard Acceleration, Sharp Turns, Sudden brakes and Tilt Detection.
  • Alert Buzzer for Idle, OverSpeed and Accelerometer.
  • RF Link
  • Driver identification via iButton (Dallas Key).
  • Up to 8 external Digital Temperature Sensor.
  • Expandable Ports +3 Digital In and +1 Analog In
  • Internal lithium 1800mAh rechargeable battery and power supply.
  • Internal or External GPS and Cellular Antenna.