Basic AVL, Low Priced, High Quality and Loaded with Many Features and Capabilities our Basic AVL Unit is actually very Advanced Compared to what other Competitors can Deliver.

Standard Tracking Features:

    • Real-Time Tracking, Route Play-Back, Geofencing (WebGate).
    • Street Map, Satellite Map (Google), Google Earth Link.
    • Detailed Map Reports, Detailed Tables, Summary, Trip Reports and More.
    • High/Low Priority Alerts, Overspeed Alerts, Driver Behavior Alerts, Geofence Alerts.
    • Customized Alerts eg.Maintenance, Insurance, Inspection, I/O Monitoring, etc.
    • Remote Control, Starter Disable (Engine-Kill)

Standard Equipment Features:

    • Discreet Installation-Small Form Factor, Internal Cellular and GPS Antenna.
    • Flame Retardant Enclosure
    • 5v-32V DC Positive Sense
    • Internal Analog Temperature Sensor.
    • Vibration sensor – Sensitivity adjustable for automatic security theft alarm.
    • *1 Analog Inputs – Panic Button, Door Open/Close etc.
    • *2 Digital Outputs – Remote Starter Disable (Anti-Theft, Authorized Start).
    • *Engine Diagnostics – CAN, J1939, OBDII, J1708 – Fuel Consumption, Rpm, Oil Pressure, Distance Traveled etc.
    • *Engine Kill Module – Remote Starter Disable
    • *Alarm Buzzer for Over Speed, Idle, Tilt or Driver Behavior
    • Out Of Coverage – Stores and Forwards up to 5000 Events when out of Cell Coverage.

Optional Features:

    • Rechargeable 1800mAh Lithium Battery Backup – Power Disconnect, Sabotage.
    • 3D Accelerometer – Tilt Detect, Extreme Driving (High Acceleration, Hard Braking, Sharp Turns Etc.)
    • Driver ID – For Driver Liability, Anti-Theft or Authorized Start.
    • RF ID Reader via RS232
    • External Digital Temperature Sensor (Cold Storage).
    • External GPS/GSM Antenna