The GPSS-PCL-PL-FR Is the best Solution for customers seeking to keep an eye on their cold storage and at the same time complying with their certifications for eg. HACCP. The GPSS-PCL Is a Multi-Functional GPS Tracking Unit that can offer a wide variety, yet Cost Effective Solution to Customer needs. For instance a Monitoring device is installed in the freeze compartement monitoring the temperature and 2 doors, giving you Constant Temperature Updates and at the same time monitoring the Doors and Warning of Illegal opening (Preventing Theft or loss of Cooling).

Advanced Options:

  • Vibration Sensor.
  • Intergrated 1800Mamp Rechargeble Battery.
  • External Temp. Sensor
  • Accelerometer with Driver Behaviour and Ext. Buzzer
  • Driver ID
  • OBDII, J1939
  • Ext. I/O’s
  • Garmin Interface
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • RF ID